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Frisco, Texas Criminal Defense Lawyer

At the Law Offices of Brian Corrigan we use an aggressive approach to defending your rights. Being charged with a criminal offense and having to appear in court before a judge, the prosecution and the scrutiny of your peers can be a terrifying experience. Our duty as a Collin County Law Office is to effectively guide you through the complexity of the criminal justice process and represent you through every step.

When you retain our services, We speak for you and on your behalf and as your advocate, we ensure that you are aware of all your court appearances, the prosecution is made aware not to contact you personally at home or at work and the judge will know that you are taking your charges very seriously.

Criminal defense attorney Brian Corrigan will make sure that your Constitutional rights are maintained and will ensure that the prosecution does not attempt anything that will be in violation of those rights. He will ensure that you receive fair treatment and that you are updated and involved on all the developments in your case.

Our law office is fully aware how difficult of a time being charged with a criminal offense and facing jail time can be. We know you have many questions and concerns and we welcome the opportunity to help answer your questions and provide guidance.

Frisco Texas Criminal Defense: Practice Areas

Criminal Attorney Brian Corrigan handles to following criminal law cases:

We have the legal experience and skill necessary to properly resolve even your most complicated legal matters. Brian Corrigan and his highly-trained staff will treat your with the courtesy, dignity, and respect you deserve. Remember there is no substitute for experience.

At the criminal defense Law Offices of Brian we offer a free initial consultation where we will evaluate your situation and explain your options. Feel free to contact us online or by phone at 214.762.6302 or 972.722.5300 to schedule a free confidential, no obligation consultation in Plano or Rockwall, Texas.

By Brian Corrigan
Board Certified Dallas Criminal Defense Attorney