Aggravated Robbery and Robbery Cases

Dallas Theft & Robbery Defense Attorney

A robbery has a huge range of possible scenarios from a near Capital Murder where the victim has been shot in the course of the robbery all the way down to a "shoplifting gone bad" where the bodily injury happens when the loss prevention person tries to apprehend the thief and is injured in the process.

Robberies are unique in that many times the suspect successfully carries out many successful robberies before being caught. This creates for a treacherous situation in trial for the defense. A sloppy defense strategy can lead to some or all of the other robberies being admitted against the accused before he has been found guilty of anything. This can eliminate any possibility of a fair trial, let alone any chance of an acquittal. I have tried countless robberycases and vigorously studied the law to protect my clients from getting railroaded through piling on of uncharged or unproven robberies in my client's trial.

Robbery cases more than any other case involves cases involving the "eyewitness identification" of one witness. This creates great danger of wrongful identifications. However, unlike in sexual assault cases, there is usually no DNA evidence to identify identification errors. Only your lawyer can guarantee that the case is investigated properly to maximize every discprepancy in the evidence to ensure that individuals are not convicted based on faulty identification.

Where most robberies are prosecuted in the state system, Bank Robberies are prosecuted federally in most cases. As a Board Certified criminal specialist who is admitted to practice law in the Northern and Eastern Districts of Texas, I am uniquely qualified to defend robbery cases in federal court as well as state court.