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Client Testimonials

“The best Lawyer in Texas and the best attorney for domestic violence cases. I met with 4 to 5 different lawyers and I selected Brian Charles Corrigan. His customer service is excellent. I never had to worry about remembering anything like my dates he always kept me informed. He picked up his phone or he replied to phone calls right away if ever I had to leave him message. He really tries to understand the person who is in trouble and try to help him/her from his heart not just for the money. He is very helpful and he proved what ever he promised… Thanks to God that he send Brian Charles Corrigan for my help and today i am free from all my charges and living happily with my family. Thank you very much Brian for all your help. - A former Dallas County domestic violence client.”


“Brian is the BOMB… after making one bad decision I made an EXCELLENT decision of hiring Brian to represent me. He had all the charges dropped even before the 1st Court Hearing by working with the DA. Additionally he got me an Early Expunction. I met Brian in May 2013 for my case and all the charges plus Expunction were done by Mid-SEPTEMBER 2013. He was patient, awesome and supportive throughout the time providing us all the details and next steps. I would recommend Brian in a Heart Beat. When my case happened I went and met 5 Different attorneys. The reason I chose Brian was based on the first 5 minutes of my meeting with him. He held me accountable for my actions but then also committed to me that he will do everything to help me based on my situation. That is what made me believe in Brian and based on the results and timeline I am surely a happy camper. Thanks again. - A former Tarrant County Theft client.”


“Outstanding Attorney. I, thankfully, found Brian after learning from my previous lawyer defending my criminal case that the best plea agreement offer from the DA was for two years in prison (on a charge that could have cost me from two to ten years). That previous lawyer was satisfied that two years was the best I could expect. Any prison time at all would have been financially, emotionally, and physically devastating for my family and me. Brian showed me immediately that he is a man with a plan, apparently backed by outstanding knowledge, experience, and ability. He was always clear with his counsel, answering any questions I had throughout the legal process with perception and patience. He apparently cared about me as a person, as he updated me whenever he learned something new about my case, and as he responded quickly to any questions or inputs I might have. Brian worked diligently to get me the best possible outcome and his efforts produced results for which I am gloriously thankful. I was placed on Community Supervision, an outcome that allows me to continue being productive in my community, and an outcome that lets me continue loving and providing for my family. - A former Rockwall Failure to Register as a sex offender client.”


“10++ stars. This is the most knowledgeable assertive attorney in criminal defense. He is worth his weight in gold!! He took care of my situation quickly and kept me informed the entire time. He is a attorney that truly cares about his clients and that is hard to find. I highly recommend this attorney to any and everyone!! - A former Dallas Violation of a Protective Order client.”


“Beyond what we could have imagined. I came to Brian Corrigan about 2 months ago when my boyfriend was arrested in New York City and was being extradited to Dallas, Texas for violating his deferred adjudication for an aggravated assault with a deadly weapon. When I first started my research for this I found out he could be facing 5 to 99 years in prison. After talking to Brian Corrigan he reassured me that we were going to aim to get his probation re-instated in Texas, Brian Corrigan did one better then that with a lot of work he got him off with time served and no probation. You can only imagine how overwhelmed with happiness I was. Brian Corrgian is an amazing lawyer who went above and beyond to get my boyfriend the best deal possible he truly cares about his client and the outcome of the case. Brian Corrigan communicated with me and my boyfriend throughout the case and really helped us. We are forever grateful for his dedication and hard work, he gave my boyfriend the opportunity to start a new life. I recommend him for anyone going threw legal issues as he really is a miracle worker. - Girlfriend of a former Dallas Aggravated Assault with a Deadly Weapon probation violation client.”


“The man that brought me hope. There was not one problem that I faced that he couldn't fix. I'm really thankful to have chosen Mr Corrigan to represent me in my legal matters. - Former Dallas Early Release from Felony Drug Possession Probation and Rockwall Assault client.”


“The best decision I ever made. If you are looking for a lawyer that truly cares about his clients Brian Corrigan is the right lawyer. My son has been battling drug issues for over ten years and I had not been able to find anyone to help him. A friend of mine told me about what he had been able to do for her son. The first time I met Brian I knew he was the right person for our situation. He was able to get my son in intensive outpatient re-hab the same day he got out of jail. Brian believed in my son and in turn that helped my son believe in himself. A lot of people wanted me to give up on my son but as his mother I couldn't do that. I know that because of Brian's help and understanding my son's life was saved. Brian Corrigan is a wonderful lawyer and I would recomend him to anyone. Mother of a former Dallas Felony Theft and Rockwall Fraud client.”


“A no nonsense lawyer. He was very honest and fair on his assessment of my case. Explained everything in a way that I could understand it. Explained the process and all of my options available, and didn't sugar coat it. I will be recommending him to anyone and everyone that will listen. He stayed on top of the whole process and would call with updates when they happened and would call and just check on me to see if I needed anything. To sum it up in one word 'Superb'! - Former Rockwall Indecency with a child client.”


Brian Takes Immediate Action for your specific legal resolutions. Brian, responded to my request immediately considering this holiday time. He was caring and attentive to my specific legal needs and knew what specific legal strategies were necessary to provide a favorable outcome per my legal needs and defense. I was truly amazed by his legal knowledge, connections and also more educated in knowing my legal rights and due process. When other Criminal Attorneys advised for me to wait to see what happens, Brian was pro-active in assisting me in taking control of my outcome opposed to leaving my fate in the control of others. Brian walks his talk! His prosecution experience makes ALL The difference in the World! Thanks Brian Again and Happy Holidays to you and your family! - A former federal asset forfeiture client.”


“Great Attorney. Being a younger client I have felt judged and not taken seriously by my other attorneys. Brian gives you a comfortable feeling and genuinely cares about you and your case. I am very satisfied with the results of my 3 cases in Dallas. RECOMMEND this attorney. 5 stars (of 5) is not enough. Will be sticking with this attorney in the future to get my record expunged. - A former Dallas possession of controlled substance client.”


“I would highly recommend Brian. From the first phone call, I knew Brian was the right attorney for me and my case. He quoted me a fee for handling my case and actually stuck to that fee. He was very knowledgeable about the law, and how it pertained to the facts in my case. He was excellent about keeping me informed with the progression of my case, and what direction he intended on taking next. His demeanor to me as a client was never judgmental, and he made me feel very secure in the fact that we would come out on top of the "charges". And yes, we did. I later hired Brian for a second step of expunction in my case, and I was just as pleased with the results. Brian was my first experience with a criminal attorney, and I do hope my last. If you find yourself in a situation that you are seeking an attorney, I would highly recommend Brian.”


“Brian is compassionate and trustworthy! The best attorney you can find! I am so grateful to have found Brian. He was there for me when I found myself in a bad situation. I was terrified because I had no idea what to do or what was going to happen. He listened to me and seemed to really care about me and my case. He was easy to get in touch with and when I did have to leave a voicemail or send an email he always replied quickly. He was great at keeping me informed of what was going on with my case. He got my case dismissed when we did not think that was possible. He is the best out there and I HIGHLY reccommend him to anyone.”

A former client.

“Great Lawyer. My name is Ashley. I was accused of 2 counts of physical contact assault. Brian is a very good lawyer...he basically caught all of the witnesses in their lie in court in front of the DA. I would truly recommend him because he is very knowledgeable, he kept me informed... very responsive and he was very trustworthy. He is truly a genuine, nice person. But when he is in court he does not play!! He was very professional and aggressive in court. He changed my whole perception of lawyers. They are not all out to get money. There are actually excellent lawyers like Brian who wants to truly help the clients. Both cases were dismissed on the same day. Thanks Brian and God Bless. - Former Dallas Assault and Dallas Expunction client.”


“Simply the Best Lawyer Around. Brian Corrigan is a caring and genuine lawyer who always has his clients best interests in mind! He will give 110 percent to your case and fight for you. He is very knowledgeable and always keeps you informed on whats going on. He never makes you feel like a criminal; instead, he gives you excellent advice on what you can do to move in the right direction to help your case! He's the kind of lawyer you want beside you in court because he will go above and beyond for you. I will always be so very grateful for Mr. Corrigan for keeping my family together, so when you need legal help he's definitely the guy to call! He's a five star lawyer and he will always have my vote!!! - A former Rockwall Aggravated Assault with a Deadly Weapon client.”


“Brian Changed my Life. I came to Brian in serious trouble, legally and personally. I had several drug and weapons charges and had resigned myself to a lifestyle that was heading nowhere fast. Instead of just getting me through the system, Brian directed me to a new life. He was more interested in my longterm life outcome than any shortterm plea. Brian helped get me placed in a drug rehab facility, and was always interested in my progress. I consider him a large part of my 'success story'. I am truly better off now both physically and mentally than I was before my run in with the law. His involvement in my case made the difference between me just getting through the system or actually changing the way I was living. His positive attitude and passion for his work showed with every meeting. My life was virtually ruined, but thanks to Brian's efforts and guidance, my life will be better than I had ever imagined. I now have a future and my legal troubles were a mere bump in the road and a wake up call. Brian put my life back on track and I will be forever grateful for his councel. He has my fullest recommendation. A former Dallas possession of a controlled substance and unlawful carrying of a weapon client.”


“Truly the best. I've worked with Brian on behalf of my husband who was charged with a misdemeanor. This was the first for us so it was scary and overwhelming. I contacted a couple of attorneys I've found through the internet via email. Brian called back immediately after I've posted my inquiries. Even though the other attorney's fees were less I decided to go with Brian because of his prompt and personal response and also his knowledge, experience and comforting attitude. Brian was able to resolve the case prior to my husband's court date and the case is now settled and dismissed. Every concern and inquiry we had Brian responded to immediately. Simply the best! -Wife of a former Rockwall County failure to leave id at an accident client.”


“I hired Brian about 2 and half weeks ago. He was amazing I had a felony warrant. From the first phone call Brain was very helpful and encouraging. He reassured me that he would do whatever it took to make sure this would get resolved. I sent him the information he requested. Brian got to work that day! He stayed in contact with me almost every day which was important because I live almost 7 hours from his office. He called me to tell me that the case had been dismissed!!! Just 3 weeks after I hired him. I never had to go to his office or to court! I would use him again if ever needed and would recommend him to anyone! Just a great guy. - A former Kaufman Interference with Child Custody client.”


“One of a kind criminal attorney. The toughest most effective criminal defense attorney I have ever known. Not only does he get the job done, he also never lost sight of our dignity. A rare combination of pit bull with soft heart. If you are in need of criminal attorney you have found the best.”

Anthony, a former client.

“Outstanding Attorney. Brian Corrigan is an extremely capable, honest, and responsive attorney, who not only understood my family's unique needs, but met and exceeded them. I live in Florida, and my daughter's legal difficulty was in Texas. Brian kept me clearly, and frequently, informed throughout our dealings. He was quickly, and personally, available to me to answer any questions, and to advise. Brian achieved the desired goal in a timely manner through his expertise, determination, perseverance, and by going the extra mile for me, and my family. Brian has my most sincere thanks, and my highest recommendation!”

Lynne, mother of a former client.

“I was charged with DWI, I was nervous, confused about what I would be facing and generally depressed about the whole thing. I hired Brian and from the beginning, he explained exactly what would happen and when. He reviewed the evidence and gave me good advice, I followed it and things turned out better than I thought they would. When I emailed or called him, he was easy to get a hold of. He was professional, but easy to talk to and understanding of the delicate nature of my situation. I would recommend Brian Corrigan to anyone in need of an attorney.”

A former Dallas DWI/DUI client.

“Amazing Lawyer. I was charged with a felony and thanks to Brian it was dismissed. He quickly went into offensive mode and instructed me to take classes that pertained to my case. The accuser confessed she was lying and the DA seeing I took classes promptly dropped my case. During the entire time Brian was alway very responsive. He would always return my phone calls on the rare occasion I didn't reach him. I always felt informed and comfortable going forward with Brian by my side.- A former Rockwall felony domestic violence/Assault Impeding client.”


“Thank you, Brian. You save my son’s life. I feel so blessed that we found Brian. He worked very hard and it was obvious he care's he was honest with us and kept in contact throughout the whole process. It was a very difficult case with an innocent man being accused of unthinkable things but Brian smelled a rat right from the start. He told what he needed from us and we supplied him with all the records and documents and our case was no billed or (thrown out) before it even went to trial. He always did his best, pouring through tons of documents and information to find the missing truth's in the case. I am so grateful for his integrity, tenacity and really wanting to help us. You Cannot find a better lawyer or person Call him first or wish you had when things go wrong..... - Father of a former Indecency with a Child client.”


“Thank you Brian. I feel so fortunate that we found Brian to handle our case. He worked hard, was caring, honest and kept in contact throughout the ordeal. It was a difficult case and ended very favorably. He always did his best, pouring through tons of documents to find the best way to handle the case. I am so grateful for his integrity and tenacity and really wanting to help. - Mother of a former Dallas Harassment of a Public Servant client.”


“Exceptional Attorney. I find Brian to not only possess integrity, but his professionalism and personable mannerisms are second to none. He aggressively fights for his clients and is truly an honorable man. My family member was involved in a very emotionally driven and quite unbelievable legal ordeal for almost two years, and Brian never lost sight of mantaining a compassionate approach in handling every facet of the case. His presence in the courtroom is respected, and his skill levels are exceptional. Brian Corrigan practices effective law, and I highly recommend him to anyone requiring his services. - Girlfriend of a former Dallas Harassment of a Public Servant client.”


“Brian is simply the best. Brian got me the very best deal I could get.... From looking at 2-10 years prison he got me probation and a short period of time of work release. What really surprised me by far was that he actually cares. You don't feel like just a client with him, which to my knowledge is very rare in a lawyer. - A former Collin County felony probation violation and Hunt County evading arrest and DWI client.”


“The best attorney experience. I have worked for lawyers for 18 years or more. Brian Corrigan answers his phone, he does what he says he will and BEYOND...my son was in deep, deep trouble. Brian was able to get him the very best deal with the DA, got him moved into a safe place in the jail and also sat with my son and talked to him about his decision regarding his sentence. He had compassion and gave our family REAL help. He is WORTH every penny. I highly recommend this man to help you in criminal defense - he has a true heart and is a good person along with being a lawyer which is a truly RARE combination. Mother of a Dallas and Rockwall Felony possession of a controlled substance case.”


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