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Possession, Delivery, or Manufacturing of Controlled Substances

Rockwall and Dallas Drug Crimes Attorney

Brian Corrigan’s thoughts on a First Degree Felony Trial that he tried to a jury and achieved a “Not Guilty” verdict:

“One of my number one rules with clients is that I will always respect your decisions and fight for them, even if I disagree. In a rare case where my client went to trial against my advice, I had to come up with a defense. He had a large amount of cocaine in his front pocket and had been to prison twice so he was looking at 25-Life. In looking at the case, it was clear that the police only had a limited right to detain and search him for weapons to lead to the discovery of the drugs but this was not well-documented in the police reports. The judge had rule against me at the pretrial hearing, so I knew that I had to go all-in with the jury in pointing out every discrepancy between the officers on the scene as well as just using common sense to show that this was not a lawful search. In the end, after getting an instruction related to the Texas exclusionary rule that does not allow the police to use unlawfully seized evidence, the jury agreed with me that this was an unlawful search. ”

A plea of guilty or conviction on even the lowest level drug possession charge can affect the rest of your life. It can keep you from getting a good job, receiving financial aid for college, or cause your driver’s license to be suspended. Large amounts of drugs can result in huge amounts of prison time, even if you have never been in trouble before.

My Dallas drug crimes practice encompasses:

  • Possession of Drug Paraphernalia
  • Possession or Delivery of Marijuana
  • Possession of a Controlled Substance
  • Possession of a Controlled Substance with Intent to Deliver
  • Sale or Distribution of Cocaine, Heroin, Methamphetamine, or Other “Street Drugs”
  • Sale or Possession of “Club Drugs” like Ecstasy “X”, Ketamine “Special K”, Rohypnol “Roofies”
  • Drug Trafficking
  • Drug Manufacturing or Cultivation
  • Federal Drug Conspiracy
  • Federal Drug Related Money Laundering or Asset Forfeiture
  • Cultivation of Marijuana
  • Illegal Possession or Trafficking of Prescription Drugs

If you have been arrested for drug crimes like these, you must know if your Constitutional or Statutory rights have been violated. Often your best chance to avoid serious penalties is to get the evidence against you thrown out of court. Many lawyers claim to be experts in search and seizure, but many cannot back up their claims. I am a Board Certified Criminal Law Specialist who can protect your rights. As a felony prosecutor, I personally drafted search warrants in major crimes including drug cases and taught police the laws of search and seizure. I will know if your rights have been trampled. In other cases, bad lawyers may try to “put on a show” for you even though they know that the Government’s case is solid. I will shoot you straight and not give you a bunch of empty promises. You have been through enough at this point to be mislead by your lawyer!

Most drug cases involve traffic stop arrests which is a complicated area a law. Do not hire a lawyer for a case like this unless you are sure that they are experts in this changing field. Ask if they have ever won a motion to suppress. They will not tell you if they have not! I have. Being Board Certified in Criminal Law means that I am an expert in issues like this. Lawyers will also not tell you that they are not Board Certified. They don’t have to, so they don’t. That said, you deserve a board certified criminal law expert on your side.

Over the last 2 decades, I have built a wealth of experience that I will use for your benefit.

Client Testimonials

“The best Lawyer in Texas and the best attorney for domestic violence cases. I met with 4 to 5 different lawyers and I selected Brian Charles Corrigan. His customer service is excellent. I never had to worry about remembering anything like my dates he always kept me informed. He picked up his phone...


“Brian is the BOMB… after making one bad decision I made an EXCELLENT decision of hiring Brian to represent me. He had all the charges dropped even before the 1st Court Hearing by working with the DA. Additionally he got me an Early Expunction. I met Brian in May 2013 for my case and all the charges...


“10++ stars. This is the most knowledgeable assertive attorney in criminal defense. He is worth his weight in gold!! He took care of my situation quickly and kept me informed the entire time. He is a attorney that truly cares about his clients and that is hard to find. I highly recommend this...


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