An Advocate for Veterans Accused of Crimes

Veterans who experience combat leave a piece of themselves out on the battlefield that they never get back. Many come home broken, shattered, or addicted. Posttraumatic Stress Disorder is real and debilitating. Combat stresses can bring out self-destructive and even violent behavior in a person that would never have surfaced if the individual had never seen combat. Combat injuries often lead to opioid addiction, and, too often, heroin. Veterans get charged with domestic violence, petty theft, drug charges, or burglary. These vets can be destined for prison or homelessness when all they need is another chance. What they really may need is a really good criminal defense attorney.

I believe strongly that we should help our veteran's in a special way. They deserve the benefit of the doubt beyond the normal responses of the criminal justice system. Veterans can desperately need an advocate. I love our veterans and it is a unique honor of my career that I can help veterans who end up in jail when they get home after serving our country bravely.

I have had tremendous successes with my veteran clients. My first veteran client from 2010 was charged with felony domestic violence in Rockwall County. He had PTSD from combat and acted out against his wife and ended up arrested. I got him into the brand new Veteran's Court program and got him into treatment for his PTSD. His case has now been dismissed and expunged after being the first candidate to be admitted into the program - he is now himself a lawyer! His family life is happy and healthy. Now that program has grown into a regional veteran's court run by Judge John Roach in Collin County. It is an outstanding program.

Another client was bad into drugs and had felony charges in Dallas and Collin County. I got him into drug treatment and eventually in Veteran's Court in both counties. He showed up to graduation with his fiancé and new baby - excited about his new life. Stories like these are why I get up in the morning.

If you or your loved one are a veteran who has gotten tied up in the criminal justice system anywhere in the Dallas/Fort Worth metroplex, I want to be your advocate.