Assault & Aggravated Assault Charges

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If the police come to your home because of a domestic disturbance, someone is going to jail. If you are ready this page, that person ended up being you, but that doesn't mean its right. They make an arrest to protect themselves from liability to prevent the disturbance from escalating as they should, but that mean you need to be convicted of domestic violence.

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The Protective Order

The alleged victim in your case will likely get a Temporary Protective Order (TPO). Do not violate this order, even if it is wrong or unfair. Cooperate with law enforcement in allowing service. Be the good guy and focus on winning the war. The initial TPO will expire within 20 days and must be replace by a Protective Order. There will be a hearing within 14 days of the filing of an Application for a Protective Order. We can fight the Protective Order in court. A violation of protective order or temporary protective order is a class A misdemeanor punishable by up to a year in the county jail and a fine not to exceed $4,000.

Defending Domestic Violence Cases

Domestic violence allegations are sometimes baseless lies incident to marriages headed towards divorce or child custody battles. At other times, both parties are equally to blame. Many counties have grant-funded domestic violence division with specially trained prosecutors, investigators, and victim advocates. These folks mean well, but many become "true believers" who assume that you are guilty. They often must be made to see the light through your acquittal at a jury trial.

Even if you are guilty, punishments (even probations) recommended by the Government can be excessive. Your lawyer should explore every option to reduce your loss of freedom. Pre-trial diversions, conditional dismissals, batterer's intervention, anger management, alcohol and drug treatment, or a plea to a lesser charge (like Class C Assault-Offensive Contact, or Disorderly Contact) are all possibilities in domestic violence cases.

As a former Dallas County Family Violence Prosecutor and Board Certified Criminal Law Specialist, I am uniquely qualified to defend your domestic violence case.

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