Denton County Cases

February 6, 2012
Client Continued on Deferred Adjudication Probation for Felony Possession of Controlled Substance in Denton County despite 3 new Felonies
In March of 2010, client was put on deferred probation for 2 years in the 16th District Court in Denton, Texas. In August of 2011, a motion to proceed with an adjudication of guilt was filed alleging 3 new felonies and a misdemeanor in 2 different counties, drug use, non-reporting, unpaid fees, and uncompleted community supervision. Prison seemed a foregone conclusion. Client fired her first attorney and hired Corrigan. From the first meeting, Corrigan learned that client had a tragic life story involving abuse, life-threatening medical conditions, mental illness, and addiction. Corrigan dove into telling the story of client's life compiling medical records, psychiatric records, and police records. Through impassioned letters and face-to-face meetings over 3 months with the prosecutors in 3 counties, Corrigan got client continued on deferred probation with only a year extension and placement in a private residential treatment facility. Client is drug-free and on-track to reclaim her life.

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