Injury to a Child Cases

Brian Corrigan shares his story of the case that made it to the headlines in Dallas, TX. Their story and that of others has been featured on WFAA Channel 8 news in Dallas.

“In July of 2010, only 2 months into my private practice, I was contacted by my clients, a firefighter and a labor/delivery nurse, who had been accused of First Degree Injury to a Child. They had not yet been arrested and proclaimed their innocence although a physician at Children’s Hospital had come to the conclusion that fractures in the legs of their newborn twins were the result of intentional abuse that occurred during the time when only the parents had possession of the children. A DNA test had “ruled out” connective tissue disorders that cause easy fracturing of limbs. I contacted the detective and persuaded him to hold off on filing the case immediately or getting a warrant. The family was already well on their way to finding a medical explanation for the injuries. Through polygraphs and the court record from cross-examining the Children’s Hospital (CMC) physician at the CPS hearing as well as presenting a board certified geneticist who disagreed with CMC opinions on the case, I proved that my clients were innocent. The problem with the DNA test was that many connective tissue disorders can only be identified through clinical testing, that is an expert “knows it when he sees it.” For this highly skilled geneticist, it was obvious that the children’s bones would fracture easily even with normal handling from care. I convinced the detective to drop the case in September of 2010 without even submitting a referral to the DA’s Office. My clients’ fight was over in the criminal world but raged on in CPS court for 2 more years. They were finally cleared of any allegation of wrongdoing in CPS court and have reached out to other falsely accused parents through organizations like the Osteogenesis Imperfecta Institute.”

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As a dedicated criminal defense attorney, Brian Corrigan is highly skilled at representing individuals who have been accused, investigated, or charged with child injury crimes in Dallas, Rockwall,Collin, and Kaufman Counties and across North Texas.

As a former-Felony child abuse prosecutor in Dallas County and Kaufman County, Corrigan is highly qualified to defend citizens accused of these crimes. He is also a Board Certified Criminal Law specialist who understands every aspect of defending, investigating, and prosecuting child injury crimes. He knows how a child forensic interview should be conducted. He is well-versed in the types of medical and scientific evidence that accompany these charges. Most importantly, Corrigan is respected enough to be listened to by investigator and prosecutors to point out when the system has failed and charged an innocent person. Corrigan’s work has resulted in countless dropped cases and Grand Jury No-Bills in these cases.

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Legal Protection is Vital

The Texas State Child Protection Services (CPS) accepts and investigates reports of parents, caregivers, family members, doctors, teachers, and other people abusing or neglecting the care of a child. The CPS can take immediate action and investigate you and those around your child.

If you're initially investigated for injuring your child, you may not think you need a child injury lawyer. You may even be enticed to cooperate with the CPS. You may firmly believe that they will discover that you are in fact a good parent and mean no harm to your child. You may be shocked and surprised that you're even being investigated in the first place. It's possible that a person has filed a false claim about you harming your child. It also possible that a medical professional has made a serious error in diagnosing the cause of your child’s injuries. If CPS has contacted you, then your situation can become very complicated. You may have a serious legal battle awaiting you. It is crucial to contact a child injury attorney to protect your rights in a criminal investigation early on in your case or even if you have already retained a family law specialist to help you with the CPS matter. CPS has the power to potentially take your child and build evidence against you for a later criminal prosecution.

Criminal cases do not get more delicate and the stakes are rarely higher when in it is affecting your freedom AND keeping your family together.

An Understanding Lawyer

Unfortunately, sometimes bad things happen to good people. If you have been wrongly accused of child abuse, injury or neglect, it's in your best interest to turn to a trustworthy lawyer. Corrigan is here to protect you and your child. He can help you resolve your legal challenges effectively and efficiently. Corrigan strongly believes in helping individuals get quality representation that they deserve. He can make sure that the investigation on you doesn't overstep the bounds of the law.

During Corrigan’s career as a prosecutor, he witnessed the heartbreak of children being taken from their homes and placed into foster care. He has seen the surreal look of disbelief, sadness, and tears on the faces of parents who had to deal with losing their children or facing jail time. Corrigan understands your difficult situation and wants to help you as much as he can.

To receive your free consultation, call Corrigan's office at 214-762-6302. During the consultation you will be able to gain an idea of where you stand. Corrigan will strive to protect you and your child so you obtain the equality and justice you deserve.