Rockwall Criminal Defense Attorney

Rockwall Criminal Lawyer

I am a Board Certified Criminal Law specialist, a former Felony Chief Prosecutor in Dallas County, with over 10 years of experience. I have tried over 150 jury trials and handled thousands of other cases covering the entire Texas Penal Code from DWI to Capital Murder. My trial experience, being Board Certified, my background as a high-level prosecutor, and my track record of delivering outstanding outcomes gives my clients every advantage that you can expect from your defense counsel. Out of my Rockwall office, I have also grown extremely familiar with the unique challenges of facing a state criminal charge in the Rockwall County Courthouse.

Facing a criminal charge in Rockwall means a tougher judge, prosecutor, and jury than in neighboring counties like Dallas. You will have less options and less time to make a decision. A case in Dallas can usually be delayed for months or even years. Delay tactics can be utilized in hopes that time will erode the State's evidence or witnesses will not be found. Not in Rockwall. Within a few weeks after indictment in felony court or the filing of an information misdemeanor court, you will be forced to take a plea or go to trial. You need your defense counsel to jump on your case and give you an honest assessment of which path you should go down. I will quickly and aggressively evaluate your case and build your case immediately, developing witnesses and evidence for your cause.

You need to know immediately how a Rockwall DA, judge, and jury will view your case. Good results can still be achieved in Rockwall, but you have less room for error and less time to achieve them in. Checkout my Case Results. Time and again, I have delivered outstanding results for my clients getting acquittals, dropped cases, pre-trial diversions, and plea reductions. I have a good reputation with Judge Bret Hall, Judge David Rakow, and Judge Brian Williams, and I am respected by District Attorney Kenda Culpepper and her assistant district attorneys.

I am also committed to a high level of customer service and access. I review case submittals in the evenings and on weekends. I understand the fear that a citizen accused of a crime feels. I will return your call promptly and provide the information that you desperately want whether you are a prospective client or someone who I am already helping through the process as a current client.

Call me today at 972-722-5300 or submit your case to me now through the internet on my home page to setup a free consultation.