White Collar Crime

Dallas White Collar Defense Attorney

In today's economic times, white collar crime has received increased focus, especially from the Federal Government. Normal folks who just did something careless or stupid can wind up facing off against an onslaught of police, federal agents, and prosecutors. Even people who have never been arrested in their lives can be looking at huge prison sentences.

White collar cases encompass:
  • Wire Fraud
  • Mail Fraud
  • Securities and Tax Fraud
  • HUD and Medicare Fraud
  • Bribery and Extortion
  • Racketeering and RICO crimes
  • Internet Crimes
  • Insurance, Credit Card and Accounting Fraud
  • Credit and Debit Card Abuse
  • Forgery
  • Misappropriation of Fiduciary Property
  • Theft

Investigations in case like these may take years. If you are the subject of an investigation or people in your business circle are the subject of an investigation, you need counsel immediately or you may say something or do something will hurt your case severly in the future. In these cases, especially federal cases, the first person to cooperate with the Government gets the best deal. This option must be weighed rapidly because the window of opportunity closes just as rapidly.

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